Enterprise Assessment

Service Overview

Many operations require you to reduce the cost of operations, improve IT management efficiency, and prepare for the future. There are many barriers that can affect success, such as:difficult-to-manage network architecture, antiquated systems that do not support innovation, inadequate data access and storage, or just the challenge of keeping current with new technologies. Whether you are planning your next IT initiative or simply looking to address known challenges, assessing your current situation to understand potential gaps may be the right first step to begin gathering information and considering options.

Service Description

Organisations that can manage change effectively are generally more successful than those that cannot. Many organisations know that they need to improve their processes in order to successfully manage change, but don't know how. Such organisations typically either spend very little on process improvement, because they are unsure how best to proceed; or spend a lot, on a number of parallel and unfocused efforts, to little or no avail.

This service (available as a tool also) provides important information and resources to:

  • Understand strength and weakness across areas of the Enterprise Architecture practice
  • Obtain advice on Enterprise Architecture strategy
  • Plan Enterprise Architecture improvement over the next 12/24/36 months
  • Be able to make year-on-year comparison
  • Gain greater self-confidence in operations and delivery

The Aeas covered in this tool are:

  • Business Value
  • Business Governance
  • Service Orientation
  • IT Software Competencies
  • Business Model
  • Business Performance
  • Business Process
  • Metadata
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • IT System Competencies
  • IT End-user Focus