Measurement Tools

Take advantage of our Professional Services, and discover Our Measurement Tools that help you better evaluate your situation and improve your decisions

  • Personal Assessment

    While some view employee self-evaluations as just another tedious step that adds more work and paper to an already onerous performance appraisal process, self-evaluations are in fact a vital activity that can help make your performance appraisal process more effective. Done properly, employee self-evaluations can provide several key benefits to the organization.

    • Engage employees in the performance appraisal process

    • Give managers a broader perspective

    • Flag differences in perception before the review meeting

    • Promote more effective discussions about performance, priorities, challenges, etc.

    • Read how others have seen better results with employee self-evaluations

  • Enterprise Assessment

    An Enterprise Assessment is an efficient way to identify organisation's strengths and weaknesses through a comprehensive review of organisation in some domains. The assessment gathers information about many different areas and aspects of organisation, and then pinpoints areas for improvement and opportunities to capitalise on.
    The areas this assessment covers are as follows:

    • Operational cost and value realisation
    • Managerial Policies and procedures
    • Strategic Positioning, Leadership, Growth and linkages to Management
    • IT infrastructure Flexibility and Capability
    • Organisational Facilitating and Learning
  • Maturity Assessment

    The benefits of this tool is to find out organisation's current situation and what does organisation need to do in order to improve the following spaces:

    • Business Value
    • Business Governance
    • Service orientation
    • Business Model
    • Business Performance
    • Business Process
    • IT Software Competencies
    • IT End User Focus
    • Metadata
    • IT System Competencies
    • Enterprise Architecture