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UK Strategic Planners

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UK Strategic Planners (UKSP) helps organisations rethink and reengineer their business and marketing strategies for over three years. UKSP clients have ranged from corporate boardrooms and small family owned businesses to governments think-tanks and just about everything in between.

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Our Global Services and Support

Take advantage of our Professional Services, Customer Care and Education Services to quickly develop your organisation and to leverage it for your business success.

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  • Training Services

    Our Training Service delivers public and onsite courses as well as customised courses for your organisation's specific needs. Attendees receive high-quality training designed to implement programs using proven techniques in the areas of Management. Each year our educational programs help thousands of professionals Europeans, Americans and internationals students.

    After attending a course, attendees are able to immediately implement practices and put the information learned into action. Our course attendees are able to take the knowledge gained beyond the classroom into everyday work situations.

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  • Consulting Services

    The purpose of this service is to optimize across the enterprise the often fragmented legacy of processes (both manual and automated) into an integrated environment that is responsive to change and supportive of the delivery of the business strategy.

    Our experts enable you to achieve the right balance between IT efficiency and business innovation. out experts allow individual business units to innovate safely in their pursuit of competitive advantage.

    Our experts also ensure the needs of the organisation for an integrated IT strategy are met, permitting the closest possible synergy across the extended enterprise.

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  • Technology Services

    Our Services and Products help you automating and improving both daily work and elaborate processes.

    Our Services and Products Designed for business users and IT professionals alike.

    Our products transform your business by bringing together your people, your processes and your content - quickly, easily and seamlessly.

    Our services help improving staff managerial skills and act with business differently with more professionalism and aligned to international standards. This will help organisations evolving in right manner.

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